When: Oct 5th, 2011 02:47PM
Where: Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore



Inaugurated in 2004, the Latin Asia Business Forum is widely recognised as the region's premier event for Asia's leaders to network with their Latin American counterparts. This annual event provides business leaders and governments a platform for dialogue and also aims to increase access to business opportunities in both regions.

Latin Asia Business Forum 2011 
5 Oct 2011


Into its eighth annual edition, the Latin Asia Business Forum 2011 will feature top minds in business and government as they delve into topics pertinent to post-recovery Asia and Latin America – such as achieving sustainable growth, identifying opportunities emerging in these regions and harnessing these new engines of growth. 


In attendance representing Panama was Her Excellency Diana Salazar, Vice Minister, Chief Trade Negotiator, Ministry of Trade and Industry.  Her Excellency shared a panel with delegates from Chile, Cuba where they discussed trade and economic policy in the past Latin American decade.